Our Mission

We help owners create places people want to live.

Owner Benefits

You’re busy. Or perhaps you don’t live near your properties. You could be struggling with occupancy, or have a lease-up on the horizon that you’re worried about. Maybe you’re tired of legal battles as a result of poor tenant screening, or aren’t certain how to navigate the complex compliance process of tax-credit communities. Hively can help.

At Hively every action taken is approached from the perspective of an owner, using time-tested property management strategies with proven results. It’s the only way our experienced management team knows how to do business and its resulted in thriving communities for over 35 years.

If you are a new or experienced owner, if you have a luxury high-rise or garden-style community, if you are in a lease-up or have been stabilized, Hively offers a myriad of benefits dedicated to maximizing your return on your investment while creating places people want to live.

Property Management
  • Annual operating and capital budget development
  • Flexible staff pool to ensure prospects and residents are always tended to
  • Ongoing staff training of best practices and fair housing compliance
  • Tenant retention programs
  • Lease preparation and auditing
  • Online portal to streamline the application process
  • Resident portal to manage rent payments, maintenance requests, and encourage resident interaction with their neighbors
Facilities Management
  • Access to full-time facilities manager
  • Preventative maintenance program creation, catered to the property and owner’s goals
  • Recurring building and systems inspections
  • Contractor negotiation, project oversite, and preferred customer pricing
  • Energy management
  • Maintenance portal to track and respond to work orders, with unit-by-unit historical records
  • Architectural plans and specifications review
  • Certifies income and expenses for applicants and residents
  • Ensures compliance for a variety of programs, including Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), Section 8, HOME, New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC), Community Development Block Grant Program, Rural Rental Housing Program, and more
  • Reporting to various regulatory agencies, owners, and investors
  • Staff training on program compliance and fair housing
  • Conduct internal audits and reports
Marketing and Leasing
  • Full-time marketing and public relations team
  • Marketing assessment to revive troubled properties
  • Website and print collateral creation and management
  • Assists on-site staff to identify and rectify occupancy concerns
  • Marketing plan and budget development for lease-up scenarios
  • Third party listing site management, bulk pricing
  • Commercial brokerage for mixed use buildings
Technology Advantage
  • Leasing portal specific to your property to streamline the entire application process, including resident screening, without any manual entry required by staff
  • Private resident portal to manage rent payments, view ledger, make maintenance requests, contact site staff, and share satisfaction levels
  • Public resident portal to engage with neighbors, share community events, and receive building-wide updates
  • Maintenance portal to track and respond to work orders, with notifications to residents when complete, track time spent on repairs, show a real-time consumption log, and flag repairs for items under warranty to ensure their use whenever possible
  • Leases are generated automatically to ensure accuracy and avoid human error
  • Purchase order approval measures and invoice matching for purchases from third party vendors
  • Extensive custom reporting and budgeting capabilities
Complimentary Consultation

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation where we’ll review your property management needs and create a custom proposal.