Resident Retention during a Pandemic

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Resident Retention during a Pandemic

Times are ever changing and this past year has been no exception. Coronavirus has caused everyone to re-think their plans and start from the ground up. While the pandemic has wiped out our social calendars, it has also provided multi-family communities an opportunity to make a difference in resident’s lives. Apartment communities can help people feel connected and serve as a lifeline during the pandemic.

Face-to-face connections and gatherings have stalled, but multi-family communities have adapted to be social while distancing, finding new ways to connect with residents, who are now spending significantly more time at home. Resident retention efforts have been more important than ever, although, they look a little different.


Virtual Events

To keep residents connected and content, many traditional events can be transformed virtually. Zoom and Google Hangouts are essential for virtual cooking classes, book clubs, and trivia nights. Offering interesting virtual events and even supplying materials, like canvas for paint nights or beverages for wine tastings, can make the difference between liking an apartment and loving your community.

You can lure residents in with prizes or create separate leagues for different ages and interests- Think about your residents and try to cater specifically to their interests. Not sure what they’d like? Ask them! Send out a poll to see what they’d be most interested in. Residents will love being involved and feeling heard, and are more likely to participate!


Get Active

Virtual fitness classes, like yoga or zumba, are a great way for residents to get active in their apartments. Instructional videos can help everyone from bored beginners to gym sharks get their workout in, especially when so many are working, exercising, and relaxing in the same space.


Food Trucks

While we can’t gather with residents in the clubhouse, we’ve loved finding ways to update our classic resident events. Coordinating with local restaurants and food trucks to offer lunch or dinner is a perk for residents and a great way to support local businesses!


Enjoy the Great Outdoors

If your community is lucky enough to have outdoor space, take advantage of it! Pop some popcorn, hang a sheet, and screen an outdoor movie where residents can distance themselves while watching a flick under the stars.


Pet-Friendly Living

Does your community allow pets? With many residents working from home, now is the perfect time to add a new furry friend to the household! Coordinate adoption events with local shelters so residents can bring home a new pet! Reminding residents of the perks your community offers, such as pet-friendly living, can help increase resident retention rates.


Get Personalized

Social distancing has thrown a wrench in resident happy hours and tailgates, but we’ve loved the challenge of finding ways to make the show go on ~safely~. Bringing amenities right to resident’s doors can be key in making personal connections. Whether it’s a travelling happy hour bar cart, door-to-door ice cream delivery, or even a rolling keg for beer sampling, everyone loves getting personal deliveries.


Stay Social

Sharing, posting, tagging and liking lets residents know that you are present. Actions as simple as sharing building updates, available resources, and maintenance tips allows residents to feel connected with their management team. This open-communication is essential for resident satisfaction and retention.

A little competition can also get residents involved and excited to be part of the community. Offering prizes for social media contests or creating an #insta-worthy space that residents want to share, can create a buzz around the community.


With today’s uncertainty, residents crave increased connection from management teams. Even if your residents don’t participate in each and every event, it makes a difference that their property team is making a continued effort and cares about their happiness and well-being.

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